And then there was me... 

Here we are again. What is there to know about me? I am slightly irrational and incredibly dramatic. I am fiercely loyal. I have a pretty well rounded sense of humor. I also love long rambling talks over coffee, great coffee or crap coffee, take your pick. 

This space is me. Me on my continued weight loss journey. I guess it's more like a health journey. Also, I am Not a grammar snob, I am Not grammatically correct, my sentence structure lacks... and we are all okay for that. This is also my love letter to Nashville. Everyone should have a home base, and Nashville is mine. 

Complete disclosure, all thoughts expressed here are mine. All reviews are mine. I may have received something to review, or I payed for it from my limitless bank account. But the views are still mine. 

The picture above of me is pretty accurate. I kinda like it. I hope your enjoy this space. If you have any questions that you would like answered feel free to email me at daniptaylor at gmail dot com.