Welcome, to my space. 


Sounds cute doesn't it? Sweet and full of of goodness that lasts just the right amount of time. I love grabbing little books for quick trips, or lazy weekends, or rainy days... or or or... If you think of books as sheet cake with layers and frosting and decorations and candles, then novellas are the cupcakes of the literay world. Short and to the point. Tasty - but doesn't leave you hating yourself in the morning - hating your skinny jeans.

I write because I do. I have a love affair with words  that has transcended jobs, men, relationships and the like. I write because I need it. However I don't organize very well. My new goal is to write a novella. To study and reorganize and to structure some sort of story that may actually appeal to others. I write because the words call me, my thoughts swim around begging to be shared. I need to master communication and description, I need to finish something that I can stand behind completly and say "hey this is mine" I need some grammer lessons via 2nd grade.

I write I do, and now I write with purpose.

Driving away…

What and when?