Welcome, to my space. 

What and when?

Wondering on here and hoping that this will turn into something. I guess time will tell. I have so many different thoughts running through my head and I feel as if I could catch one it could turn into something beautiful and thought provocking and.... well more. I want to be an essayist, and novella writter, and creator and crafter of words. Perhaps this will give me the ablity to do just that. Perhaps I won't push myself hard enough to do that. At the end of the day will I look at what I have accomplished and feel.... well accomlished. Or will it be littered with all my shoulda coulda woulda's? I hope not.

Life is bittersweet a portion of the time, but it's oh so worth it as well. I crave and long for those moments that make all the rest seem worthwhile somehow. I long for patiences in myself and with others, I long.

Okay is this enough of a random first post? Cause I think it totally is. And since I'm the writter, I now choose to stop.