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Watch This!

I watch as he runs. ALL four year old boy and all excitment and energy. He runs after his dog as we take her out to do her thing. I envy him, I wish for that age again where your day was made by finding a quarter in your pocket and would be devestated by not getting to play with your new best friend. He runs up the hill, his little legs pumping and he laughs as his pup does her thing. We stand there side by side, me in work clothes, him in shorts, tee shirt, cowboy boots, swim goggles and a new backpack. I wish I could warn him, to give him advice, but I know that at that age, I wouldn't have listened.

1. Never stop running, run after life, run after love and when you pause breathe deep and full, expand your lungs and really enjoy and taste the air.

2. Laugh but never forget how fun giggling at the silly oddities in life are. Laugh, and use your outdoor voice to do so.

3. Don't forget me and I won't forget you.