Welcome, to my space. 

Still that girl...

I am still that girl with crazy nail polish - although my nails are currently unpolished and generally normal looking. I am still that girl with crazy combat boots with duct-tape around the heel holding it all together because I can't afford another pair from payless - although right now I have on some summer flip flops 

I am still that girl wearing crazy tights and a mod jumper trying to look cool - though I'm in work appropriate attire (minus the flip flops but they go together I promise)

I am still that girl that feels hope when watching a new couple in love - though I am now jaded and wishing I had waited for that first time

I am still that girl that fights her parents and wants to rebel while going along - yep still doing that.

I am still that girl who knows she will one day rule the world, the stage, the record industry and anything else I put my mind to - although I dream now of promotion and I write this while I should be catching up on case files.

I am still that girl. Somewhere. I promise.

yep yep yep