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You were part of it…

Once we were friends, I told people you were my best friend, but never was brave enough to say it to your face. You and I and all our friends laughed and made Golden Girl packs for the nursing home when we were older. You were happy in your own skin, I wasn't and we were both okay with that. I got married to someone you didn't like, no one did and lostcommunication with everyone. By choice, by pride, by broken heartedness. I wanted that friend telling me you loved me anyway. I wanted that friend telling me I was stupid, but it was going to be okay. I wanted that friend regardless. You didn't like me as much as I thought. You're married now, I saw the name change on that networking site. You were suggested to me. I wanted to hit add, but I couldn't. I hope you're happy, I hope you're well. I hope you meet up with our group of friends once a year and you all toast to the greatness that you are all. Still young and successful. I hope you flourish, I hope you all do. But I miss you, my world is lonely and I miss you. I wish you hadn't given up on me... I guess you didn't really like me.

moving on

yep yep yep