Welcome, to my space. 


not sure if I spelled that right or not. But I am grappling with a few things right now. Am I in the right place? Who knows... seriously who knows. I just know that I need to step away from a few things that aren't making me happy any longer and see what I really want from life.

I feel pulled in a few different directions and I know what I want at the heart of it. But is that going to take me backwards instead of the forward that I want.

What do I want?

To be published

To travel - a crap ton

To be loved and to know that I'm loved

To have a family of friends that will cover for the children I'm never going to have

To gain some of that trust back that I use to give willingly

To have my health

To run a half marathon

To not excuse myself from life. Point blank.


SO here is the next goal, if something in my life is not helping me towards these goals, then it's going to get cut. It needs to be that way. I'm not going to be bitter about it, but I'm going to be firm. If it makes me travel backwards in my life wants, then it doesn't need to be in my life. Point blank.


well then.... okay now what?

Who is She?