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I was just talking to a friend via blackberry messenger and I made the comment that I missed my old car, I recently traded it in for something a little newer and nicer but different. Now, I'm not a status person...completely but I did love my little old car that was really starting to show signs on age. She asked why I missed it and I responded that it was comfortable, it was dirty and messy and I had about 20 changes of clothes and shoes in it and I was use to the odd noises it made... and then I realized that I'm not comfortable in my new car yet... it doesn't feel like mine yet. And of course it's not yet... it's going to have to be paid off and the like.. but that's another post all together.

Comfortable is what got me to this point in my life where I wasn't happy. Uncomfortable is what is making my life better little by little. Uncomfortable is what challenges me to be better, do better, be more than I currently am.

Uncomfortable is what puts me in the gym when I would rather be on my couch eating ice cream for dinner as I use to. Uncomfortable is what puts me out there saying hello to new people instead of relying on those that continue to let me down and I just take as the status quo. Uncomfortable is what allows me to push myself and run intervals when comfort is what makes me stay at the leisurely stroll that does nothing for me.

I want to continue to be uncomfortable as long as it pushes me forward and keeps me moving towards my goals. I want to continue to push myself in new ways that tell me life is okay and that I deserve better. Because lets face it, no one else is going to do it for me. Comfort is what let me holding a life not fully lived. I missed the better part of my 20's being comfortable and I refuse to continue to miss out of things that matter to me.

So.... there ya go.... here goes to being uncomfortable.

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