Welcome, to my space. 

Such a Pretty Face

I spied a book titled that today while I was at a book shop itching to use up a gift card and I had to pick it up. I have heard for so long "you have such a pretty face" a sentiment that I know has always ment to be nice. To maybe make me feel better or encourage me to stay the course. But what I hear is "You have such a pretty face... too bad the rest of you sucks...." and I say that I know better. But I don't. I don't know what there is good about me anymore. Except a few steady's.

I LOVE my family even when they don't get me.

I Laugh loudly and fully... and I find that can be often at time.

I'm Loyal, even to those who don't deserve it.

I am a work in progress... but lets face a few truths. If tomorrow I woke up and was a skinny mini I would still be that person that people don't like or get. I will still be unorganized, libral and hopeful in a world that I think is better than most. I will still be geeky and gawky and unsure of myself... I will just be smaller.

It's not a fix for everything, it's just weight. Now, I want to keep losing, I want to live a long full life and run around and have the ability to be more active... which is why I have already ran one mile today and plan on going out to walk a few more hopefully.

I'm just me people. I do the stuff that pisses you off... I withdraw when I know people are exasperated with me... I'm just me. And granted that isn't a good thing all the time. But hey.... at least I have "such a pretty face."

There are days