Welcome, to my space. 

There are days

That seems to drag on forever. When I wait to go to the next thing. I know that I lose the plot, I had admitted it before. But I want to be at the credits, where the happily ever after starts. I want to be where I need to be, instead of feeling like I'm always walking up the same damn hill over and over. In November I'm going to try it again. I'm going to lose myself in my writing. Will it be good? Who knows, really who cares except me? But I'm going there and I want to finish it, finish something. I want... I want .... I want... Lots of different things. Lots of new spaces. Lots of new adventures.

I just want to feel successful at something. I think sometimes I kinda suck at this thing called life. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I laugh too loud and I cry too often alone. I want to feel like I'm ment to do SOMETHING and I don't yet know what that is.

I just want to be. I guess that's enough, but then again I should want to be more. Do more. Say more. Love more and dammit.... Hope more.

Here goes once more I suppose.

Sometimes is just enough

Such a Pretty Face