Welcome, to my space. 


I have pondered this before on my other blog, but it's something I am thinking about again tonight as I play with different various new social media's. I don't know if that is the correct spelling or phrase, but I'm going with it. I have several tabs open in my browser while I should be writing and I'm not. But not writing is a whole other subject that I'm not ready to address.

I have the typical facebook and twitter up... my google docs for writing. and then a site I use to update my reading list... and a new site I'm trying out because I have seen other people using it recently... and then 4square and evernote... cause try as I might I just don't get that one and I'm bound and determined to not let it win.

And how much connection is too much? How much updating can one person do in their life? How much is too much? Or is it survival. In an age where friends are further and further is this a way to truely stay in contact, or is it a way to hide and not develop relationships with those you are geograpically close with?

Is this a good thing or do I sometimes find myself substituing for what could be in person relationships?

Now don't get me wrong, I have local close friends. and I have a crew... but how much connection is too much? how much stunts the normalcy of everyday interaction?

or am I just rambling? sorry if that's the case. Just something on my mind tonight as I should be doing other stuff.

I know you... Really I do...