Welcome, to my space. 

What it is

I write, not as often as I could but I write. I always have thoughts streaming in my mind. Who I want to be, what and where I find myself lacking. But that persistant you're not good enough voice is subsiding, at least a little, for at least a little while.I am sleeping again at night and it's amazing and quiet and kinda perfect. I'm getting 6 hours. 4 plus hours. Never quite 8 hours. But it's more than before and it's nice. I'm still dreaming, odd, interesting, curious things that don't really make sense but are indeed still a part of my mind. I admited that I needed help, and for now it comes in the form of a little pill. It helps with adhd. It helps me not feel so frantic. It helps me realize that sometimes I do indeed need help. It keeps the racing random thougths at a smaller minimum... oh they are still there, but a little more managable. I feel stupid talking about it, but I think about it. I tried to skip that little pill last Saturday and while Mr. Twitter and I still had a great day in beautiful Nashville weather.... I still know I failed a little bit.

I know it's late... but I must remember 2/14/2010

I know you... Really I do...