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hello stranger

I don't know you at all. I am tired of the mind games and the ridicule. I am going without now so I can have a better life in my future. Point Blank. AND so I will never have to be like you.You and your friends are bully's and I wash my hands. This will be the last post to you and to date the only one that I am going to waste my time on again. Except for one thing. You KEEP hurting the people in my life I care about... you know that thing where you put others above yourself... oh... yea... look it up. there are people like that in the world. You have trampled on people all in the effort to prove me wrong, less worthy and yourself better. You and I, we know the truth. We know that I am not the person you have painted a picture of. I am not claiming myself to be something I am not. I know who I am, I am flawed and kind and funny. I love people and things of geekery. And for some reason it rubs you the wrong way. STOP IT. Seriously. Oh and the other thing is that this is private and won't be aired because unlike you I have been taught to not air my dirty laundry. So instead of "passivly" (althought really it's not that passively) aggressively tweeting or statusing or etc I'm just going to password protect this. I'm just going to go back to my day. Keep my head down and try to live my life a little better and kinder. Thanks for teaching me so much. Like how to NOT be towards others and myself.


The Struggle