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The Struggle

Sometimes it feels as if everything thing is a struggle or has the tendency to be a struggle. I don't do things right the first time because I'm stubborn and I like to do it on my own. Neither right nor wrong but still.And then I put my trust in people who instead of realizing that is the gift it is, decide to throw it away and trample on my trust. I am down and for me that's not normal. But I am and I'm trying to climb out of this rut but it's still a climb. I also really get tired of people saying they are not choosing sides. In reality you just did. While I have not asked you to pick a side, I have asked for support and a general "that sucks, I'm sorry". I need to get over this hump, get back to a normal life and then go with it. I need to trust that everything happens for a reason. But sometimes I just get tired of the struggle.

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