Welcome, to my space. 


There is no secret that I love my birthday. Simply love everything about it. I celebrate the entire month and have no shame.
There are several reasons its a big day. Im a twin so if you don't make it big its then half shared. Im a twin so im never alone on my day (one of my favorite parts)o.
Also in the same week my little family celebrates my older sisters b'day as well as my sweet dads. Its a big week.

We usually do a big celebration all together and as a group. This year we didn't exchange gifts. That was nice as it gets expensive. We also had hot dogs and hung out at my place.
I wish I had pics and videos of everyone playing Lelands kinect he brought over. It was beyond fun.

The last year of my 20's. I wonder what the 30's will hold. I wonder what I can accomplish for myself next?
There is so much I want to do and be. And much of that is learning to be happy as me. That's tough... but... I will be a year older and wiser so who knows?

I want to....

hello stranger