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To be childless...

One of the most condescending things you can ever say to someone who has chosen to not have children….. “oh honey, when you meet the right guy you will change your mind”…… or some variable of that. What does that mean? Oh, I guess I don’t know what I want in life, thank you for telling me. I am 29, the clock is ticking steadily towards 30 and I honestly don’t think my life will be less full or important with or without children. I think they are wonderful creatures and that I make a loving at a distance Aunt and friend of little people I have no hatred toward them, nor do I think they should be seen and not heard. But in my life right now, they are not part of the big picture.

My sister has 2 beautiful daughters. I would say the most beautiful, smart, funny and amazing little girls on the planet. I would move hell and high water for them and I love them fiercely. But, that doesn’t mean that seeing them makes me ache for my own someday.

I’m a selfish person and I was the girl in high school who “jokingly” (although now I even wonder if that is a joke) said I would never be married. I would happily live in sin. (Be kind people, I live in the bible belt). I have dreams of owning a little condo, living without debt, writing in my little corner about countries I have yet to see and people I have yet to meet. While I know I could do that with children, nothing says it’s wrong to do it without.

I know that life doesn’t end with children. I know that there are amazing parents out there. But just because it makes your life complete, why do you think it would make mine the same?

There are plenty of people and families procreating today. Why is it anyone’s concern that I choose to not be one of those?

When did we learn?

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