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When did we learn?

I see my niece and hear stories of her antics regularly. She is 3 and owns her world. I am amazed by her and her spirit often. To say she is spunky would be to understate her by a bit. But I also think about how many things she knows about herself already that I hope she never forgets.She knows she is loved She knows she is pretty She knows she is smart She knows she is the most important person in the room often

She had stitches in her chin a few weeks ago, a horrible moment for her parents. When I asked her about it she stated "I was attacked by a LIONNNNNN" and her eyes sparkled and she giggled. I then asked who won "I DID!!!" such a champ.

I hope she holds onto her spirit of self. Her importance and how loved she is. She has amazing parents to say the least. When did you last feel like you owned your world? Can you remember that time?

Vacation on my mind

To be childless...