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Up the Hill

After Thanksgiving this year I went for a stroll with my dad and 3 year old niece. Dad and I walked while she peddled her tricycle. The air was finally crisp and the day was fading, the end to a few perfect days of Thanksgiving. We strolled away, one thing I love is that Dad has always been a stroller, I don't feel like I have to rush, it's not the destination but the enjoyment that is key with him. I need to learn that.

Bug was on her trike and  as we walked up a little hill, She was pushing with effort and finally muttered for us to hear "I'm gonna need a little help here".

I need to learn that.

On our way back after we made it to the bridge Dad and I were taking turns propelling Bug forward.... because a 3 year old can only go so hard for so long. She was giggling with each push as she coasted a few feet and then  peddled a few feet on her own. We were almost around a bend where we could see the house when she cried out "It's a great day to be alive!" and pumpled her little 3 and a half fist in the air enthusiastically.

I'm going to learn that.

Instead of...

Then there was me