Welcome, to my space. 

Instead of...

Rushing around and hurring up I'm attempting to enjoy the moment and the time spent with family and friends. Worrying about where money is coming from, I'm going to appreciate that my only concern is money and appreciate that I have my health and a good life.

Carrying grudges I'm gong to use the ringing of 2012 to officially let out with the old and in with the new count. Let bygones be bygones and let hurts be over.

Frowning in annoyance, I'm going to smile and laugh more, it feels better and means more.

Focusing on who I cannot and never will be able to change, I'm going to focus on loving them and letting them be.

Getting the perfect gift, I'm going to have a great time. Gifts break, go out of season, get to small or to big.... Memories last and can never be recreated.

What you you going to focus on this year?



Up the Hill