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The Usual 9/11 post

We walked from room to room checking in, it was all the same.

“Schools been closed…. I’m coming home…. I’m staying put…. I don’t know…. I don’t know… Yea I saw it.”

I spoke with my big sis, only half a state away; she felt half a world away. She told me to get out of town. We were scared. Our world was forever changed. I stayed glued to my screen. The day passed in a blur.

I remember attending memorial services, holding dripping candles. Knowing enough that I knew that the dripping hot wax shouldn’t bother me, and feeling guilty that it did. I cried watching the fundraisers on tv.

I watched my country hold it together as best we could. I watched for a moment when it didn’t matter if you were left, right, straight, not, black, white…. Whatever. And I liked that world.

Never again did I not have a date that I would always remember. Never again would I feel the freedom of meeting a loved one as they exited their plane. Never again did I feel like we were invincible. Some of those things I suppose you lose with age, and in a day we were a country aged.

For Today

And then there was 30