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Nashville the great

I have always loved Nashville. I have a heart for this city and the happenings and going ons. The people make me laugh, and push me, and exhaust me, sometimes all at the same time. When I was in college across the state I would only feel like I was home once I saw our city view. The buildings all nestled together inviting me home. 

Not everyone is as lucky to grow up near a little big city. And I intend to share some of our great spaces with you. My next offering will be a review of The Barista Parlor in all it's East Nashville hipster glory. 

Where else would you like for me to check out for you? Where have you been that you suggest I go? 

Because if you don't have a love affair city, may I suggest Nashville and I intend to show you why. 

Little Octopus

Wish you were here... or something generally interesting