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Hiking in and around Nashville: Peeler Park

I bought a book a few weeks ago "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Nashville" by John Molloy with the intent to branch out and try a few new places and get more trail miles in. I've been sticking to the same trail in Percy Warner park and while challenging, it's the same trail every time I go. 

Sunday I woke up, the weather was nice and crisp and Peeler Park, a place in my book, is literally right down the street from me. There is an easy flat, paved, 2.4 mile loop and I thought that would be an easy way to start my Sunday. 

What I like about this park. It was busy. There were runners, bikers, and families out for strolls. But it wasn't packed. There is plenty of parking and a nice trail head to show the loops and other options. There are also horse trails, they connect from a different parking area, and an air field for hobby planes. 

The walk was quiet and I made it around the loop and what I thought was the way back without incident until I hit gravel... my loop didn't have a gravel road. I had missed a turn or something, I'm honestly not a 100% sure where I messed up. But I had time and plenty of water so I just kept going. I added a little over an extra mile in my jaunt. Luckily there were plenty of well marked "you are here" maps and I could see my progress. The gravel trail had more of an incline, so I'm glad I went that way and added a bit more of a workout to it. 

What I don't like about Peeler Park; No bathrooms - it's a little thing,and I live just up the street so it's really not to bad. 

So Nashville, lets get some more hiking in. I'm excited to see what you have to offer. And if you are local and know places, please share! 

Not related at all to hiking but my give away for Strings For Hope ended yesterday and I drew the winner of the Nashville Bracelet! Emily, I will be in contact to coordinate delivery of your awesome piece of jewelry. 


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