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What Zero Means, exactly

I was walking down memory lane in my instagram this morning. Lazily waking up, wasting time, remembering moments. It's a rainy day and perfect for that. And I noticed a constant theme. Healthy living and weight loss and food and working out. I can't remember a time in my life where I haven't thought about or been on a new diet or tried some new crazy plan.  

Let me say that again. I Can't recall a time when I haven't wished to lose weight. At 32 that's a ton of wasted time. I admire people who post their weight for the masses and share where they are. I am not one of those people. SO, lets try something else. I am willing to start at zero. My first of a few goals is 50 pounds lost. This is one of several loss goals. So I'm starting, or have started at Zero pounds lost.  

So here we go 0/50.