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Challenges and Goals

This week has been huge in the wls (weight loss surgery) world for me.  I met with both the nutritionist and surgeon on Tuesday. The nutritionist went over the eating plans with me and I had already started the healthy eating plan to drop weight before surgery. It seems counter intuitive to drop weight before wls but there is a reason why they are the experts and I am not. 

I need to lose about 40 pounds before I have surgery. That was a little bit of a blow but I'm going to forge ahead. I have eliminated all crap foods and caffeine from my diet. I am drinking protein shakes for breakfast and for lunch and dinner 4oz of protein, unlimited veggies, and 1 complex carb. The first few days were rough and I still don't feel like I'm over the whole withdrawl yet. BUT I do feel better and am starting to recognize head hunger vs actual hunger. 

Talking with the surgeon was interesting to say the least. He is a christian and several times told me the only way I will get through this was with Jesus. I was taken aback by this, but I like him. He also told me that once I have the surgery and if I follow my plans and stick to the hard work, I should lose 180 - 200 pounds in the first year. 

Are you kidding me? That's a whole new life. 

My sister in law went with me to both appointments. Let me say, I have the best tribe in the world. She has im'd me many mornings to check in and encourage me. My husband has been incredibly supportive. I met a best friend at the park for lunch this week so we could brown bag it and not kill me with temptation and food cravings from a usual lunch out. 

I may only get through this with Jesus, but a great tribe is also pretty key I think. 

Feb 2015 Update

Not sure what to call this one