Welcome, to my space. 


I weigh in every week at my local friendly Jenny Craig office. I really like my counselor. She is pretty realistic and encouraging. During the holidays she encouraged me to enjoy myself and to set realistic goals. 

Realistic goals? Like enjoy the glass of wine... and not make it my job to finish the bottle as I've done in years past. Realistic goal? Enjoy a bite of all the foods and not plates upon plates. Realistic goal, make a little bit of movement regular during your day, and don't decide you're going to start running on Christmas day b/c you feel bloated or b/c you finished that bottle of wine and are now invincible... not that I've done that. Ever.... 

Even during the holidays I was relaxed this year. I wan't focused on setting a new goal or depriving myself favorite holiday favorites. I enjoyed my family and we had a great time, great wine, and great sausage balls. 

So what worked this holiday as opposed to previous?

I tracked all my food, the good the bad and the ugly. I tracked it. 

I drank a ton of water, in between wine, and coffee, and punches, I drank water. 

I moved a little bit more. I parked at the end of my parking lot at work. I stretched. I also recently started Physical Therapy for some ongoing lower back issues and focused on being kind to myself. 

I allowed myself grace. If there was a holiday event at work, I had a little taste and moved on. I didn't beat myself up for indulging but I didn't binge either. 

I didn't binge! I think that's amazing in itself. I have been binge free for about 2 months now. That's kinda huge for me. I don't really know why that is, but I do know that I am more aware of hunger vs boredom. 

How did you fare in the holiday season? Any tips and tricks that really stood out for you? 


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