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Hello October, and a note about weighing in

This morning I put on my favorite fall attire. Leggings, boots, and a dress. It's like a fall  uniform and perfect for the first day of October. 

I had my 5 month check up on Monday. I was stressed that I haven't lost enough since surgery but apparently I was borrowing trouble and my surgeon was very supportive and said I have been doing fantastic. 

This also leads to my next wondering. I need to step away from the scale for a few weeks. Currently I've been weighing almost daily and to be honest, it's getting / already in / my head. I start my day thinking I've already won or lost. 

Now realistically I know this is the long haul. I know that there are going to be good days and bad days. I KNOW that I'm going to stall for a few weeks and then lose 5 pounds. I know this, because in 5 months I've experienced this. But it's a little much. 

So for the next month, I'm not using my scale. 

I'm also not drinking pumpkin latte's because I think they're gross. 

Happy October. 


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