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Traveling after Weight Loss Surgery, So far

Views for days, I love getting out of town. 

Views for days, I love getting out of town. 

Starting in October I was out of town for 3 weekends in a row. So yea, I'm still tired. But I also loved going to a few new places, having some needed girl time, and generally staying on the run. 

I was also reminded how different travel is now that I've had weight loss surgery. I use to look for the newest or most local-ist place to experience while I was in town. Now, I still enjoy a good meal, just a much smaller portion of it. And there are things that I have to plan ahead of time. 

So what keeps me on track? Or has helped me so far. 

Planning ahead. The first week I stayed at a hotel that provided both a hot dinner bar and a hot breakfast. This made life super easy. They also had hot water and coffee through the day. All I had to plan was lunch out.  Luckily I was with girls that really wanted sushi. I love a good piece of tuna.  

Pack Snacks! The next week I headed to the mountains. And the car trip was pretty short and easy. But to sidestep gas station temptations we packed plenty of snacks, water, and etc. 

Share a meal. This is a great way to eat less, try different things, and also (love this) cut costs. 

Ask for a fridge. The first two weeks there was a fridge already in the room. This helped with those snacks I bought and also with leftovers. The third week there wasn't a fridge, but we asked the front desk and they brought one up gratis. It never hurts to ask. 

Walk, seriously, walk. This was probably my happiest. In the mountains I scaled a hill I didn't think I could have done a year ago. In the city we wondered between coffee shop and local stores and checked out the general landscape. This was the easiest way and helped to get steps in, stretch out, and in general improve my mood. 

Things I packed to keep me on track: 

  • Shelf Stable Shakes - they make a quick meal and help with protein goals for the day 
  • Sneakers - for all that walking 
  • Hot tea - for me this helps with getting my water in and also I just like it 
  • Vitamins - I will write more about this later, but I have daily vitamin packs. I'm able to just grab my ready packs and go. Easy peasy. 

So that's what I have so far. I'm still learning, so if you have any tips for me, please share! I would love some tips and tricks to add to my arsenal. 


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