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Yoga and Me, kinda like Marley and me without the dog

Yoga and Me, kinda like Marley and me without the dog

I have never liked yoga. It has made me uncomfortable and I'm not good at being quiet and I am not flexible... and... and... I can't move that way. I've taken a few classes through the years because my sweet family LOVES yoga. From my healthy active older sister, my sweet not flexible dad, and my special twin sister, they capital L Love yoga. And every time I've been in a class I have felt awkward or frustrated because I couldn't move that way. 

Then this past summer I did a 6 week course on curvy yoga at a local Nashville studio in Green Hills. I loved it. I started researching and Google enlightened me that Curvy Yoga was developed by Anna Guest-Jelley who happens to call Nashville home.  Here is the mission statement straight from the website:

"Our mission is the same as our vision: To bring yoga to anyone who wants to invite it into their life as a tool to connect with their body. We couldn’t care less about fancy poses, but we care deeply about helping you feel good in and about your body." 

Then Curvy Yoga created an incredible space and home in East Nashville. They have been open in my hood since September 2014 and are adding classes and adjusting schedules to see what works best. I love this place. I attended a 3 week beginner session in January and have been hooked since. 

So this is where I link to cool stuff you should check out. 

Curvy Yoga The site that links to the studio here in Nashville as well as very cool online options. 

Curvy Yoga You Tube Channel  This channel brought me life when I was snowed in for a few days. There is a simple 15 minute morning routine that will start your day right. There are also helpful pose videos and modification ideas. 

So Yoga, never in a million years would I say that I enjoy taking classes or have joined a studio, but I've proven myself wrong before. Is there a workout you've tried that surprised yourself enjoying? Or something you thought you would love and actually hated? 

Namaste friend, nameste 

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