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76 down

As of this morning I am down 76 pounds from my wedding in September. Wow. I would love to say it has been super easy, but if it had been I would have done it a long time ago. I'm back on shakes for all meals in prep for surgery. That's one of the easier parts of this, no thinking about what I can and cannot eat. Just simple blending and drinking. 

I don't feel like I've lost this incredible amount yet, but I'm proud of the progress. I have a final surgical appointment tomorrow and I go to the hospital for pre-admission testing. Will be a long but good day I hope. 

Surgery is set for April 9th, about a week and a half away. I'm excited, and nervous, and excited.... it's a weird cycle. 

Things I'm learning about losing weight: Your center of gravity changes - seriously it does. I am way more klutzy now. You lose shoe sizes - I've lost a complete size so far and it's kinda weirdly exciting. Your rings need to be protected more. I just ordered a smaller band size to hopefully keep my wedding band secure. Seat belts aren't the issues they were. I have no clue what size I am right now, some things fit and some don't. There are issues with excess skin but that's to be expected.... And all of it's worth it. 


Yoga and Me, kinda like Marley and me without the dog

Yoga and Me, kinda like Marley and me without the dog