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Feb 2015 Update

I HAVE a date! I am set for surgery for April 9th and am on the waiting list for March 26th in case anything opens up earlier. I have 20 pounds more to lose to be at goal for surgery. I've lost 30 already, which is weird. I initially had 40 to lose before surgery and at my last visit we checked my height and I'm shorter than I thought I was... so 10 extra were added to the goal and we pushed the date of surgery back. I had initially hoped I would be recovering this weekend. But life happens. I can say that now, I was really upset initially and felt like I had failed again. 

I was on complete shakes for 2 weeks but since surgery was pushed back I'm on the healthy eating plan again. Instead of two meals a day though I'm eating one meal and drinking 2 shakes. I honestly would rather be on all shakes, but the nutritionist didn't want me to miss out on nutrition for such an extended time nor did she want me to burn myself out completely... Honestly though eating is hard. I know that I have issues with binge foods and eating from boredom and emotions. It's been a rough look in the mirror and I've been trying to keep focused and work through some tough issues.

I'm proud of myself though. I've lost 20-30 pounds before and then became complacent or thought I had everything figured out. I would plan cheats that would stretch to days, then weekends, then Monday I was going to start again on Tuesday... and the cycle would start. This time I'm reaching for the long term goals. I'm getting good movement in. I'm going to curvy yoga at a local studio in East Nashville, and I've been consistent with a Fitbit steps challenge. While I've not won any day with the most steps, I have reached my daily goal of 8,000 steps. The encouragement and seeing others strive to reach goals has been incredibly helpful. 

My goals for the week: Curvy Yoga 3x, Reach my steps 6/7 days, Go to Planet Fitness 2x, Blog 2x. It's going to be a busy week with work, we have a huge audit happening and I would appreciate all the good juju, thoughts, prayers that you can share. 

What about you? Can I send any good thoughts your way? Anything exciting happening? 

Yoga and Me, kinda like Marley and me without the dog

Yoga and Me, kinda like Marley and me without the dog

Challenges and Goals