Welcome, to my space. 


Tomorrow I have surgery. I am excited, nervous, ready, hungry, all of the above and more. I'm on clear liquids only today. It's been a practice in willpower and not as horrible as I was afraid it would be. I stayed busy and didn't really feel hungry until around 4, so that's something I suppose. 

I'm human as well, I've been testy and I know it's because I'm scared and I can't hide it with food. It's scary to realize that your coping skills aren't really there. Like they should could be. Food addiction is real and it's hard and it is. Food is everywhere, people celebrate with it, socialize with it, mourn with it and more. I know weight loss surgery won't cure me of that, but it's a tool and it's a chance of a place to start. 

But tomorrow is here. And I guess I will see you on the other side. Sleeved and stuff. 

Surgery is hard Y'all.

Surgery is hard Y'all.

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