Welcome, to my space. 

Currently.... At Fitbloggin

Currently I am in beautiful, sunny, cool, gorgeous, and more Denver. I'm attending a conference called Fitbloggin, check it out, it's magical. 

I'm also learning how to be a better blogger. How I have a voice. How my voice matters. I'm excited and kinda scared about what I'm learning. I want to put it into place. I'm excited to start trying a few new things. But baby steps people (Danielle specifically, cause sometimes you tend to jump into something and not focus on lasting changes) 

I can't wait to tell you more about what I've learned and how I plan to put this into place. 

If you're here from meeting me at Fitbloggin, please say hi. How can we support each other? What can we do next as a community? 

But most importantly, I have a voice. I have something to say (write). 

Nothing to see here Bloglovin

Take the compliment...