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124 down

Officially I'm 124 pounds down from my wedding in September. I've lost a person. I have so much more energy and am way more into my head than I thought I would be. It's satisfying and challenging to see the scale go down and I'm going to attempt to not weigh in for at least a week as it's gotten a bit to into my head. 

My network, my tribe have been incredibly supportive. My friends have been patient listening to me go on and on about all the changes expected and not.  They have graciously allowed me to prattle on about this whole experience and for that I'm grateful. 

I will say I'm still happy that we were able to private pay for surgery but as a result I feel a bit like I've been floating in the wind, a bit disconnected from others who have had the surgery as I'm not restricted or as heavily regulated by insurance requirements. I have found a local support group and it's been nice to talk to people. 

I have so much more energy as well. I stand at work more. I spend more weekends finding stuff to do and not crashing on my couch all day resting up for the week like I use to need to do. I'm trying to channel that energy into positive methods. 


Take the compliment...

Surgery is hard Y'all.

Surgery is hard Y'all.