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What works for me: Meal Prep

I use to love "going to lunch". I did it all the time. I would go with coworkers and meet friends and rarely did I bring my lunch to work with me. The same goes for eating breakfast and getting coffee. I would often swing through a drive thru or stop at a coffee shop on my way in and grab breakfast to eat at my desk. 

Now this had several consequences: 1, I spent a crap ton of cash, 2, I ate complete and total crap, and C, I wasted so much time leaving the office or fighting traffic. Now I try to eat breakfast from home 4/5 days of the week and I have the same goal for lunches. This doesn't mean I don't still occasionally grab lunch with a friend, I just don't do it every day and sometimes we brown bag it. 

I am not a person who loves left overs. I didn't grow up eating them. I don't enjoy them. It's simply not my jam. My father would often make a big meal and then dish it out 4 ways. All of it. He still calls left overs used food and then shudders at the grossness of it for him.   

Green Beans and Tomatoes

So I have recently started meal prepping for the week. This works for several reasons for me. I can eat the same thing daily with only mixing up my dinners. I only have to cook once. It's easy. And it's so much easier to track and keep up with protein and carb consumption. 

Last week I make scrambled eggs with laughing cow cheese and turkey bacon. For lunch I sauted zucchini and tossed with ground turkey and topped with garlic tomatoes. It tasked a little like a deconstructed hamburger, especially when I added a little more laughing cow cheese. 

Chicken Sausage

This week I'm drinking shakes for breakfast and for lunch I have made chicken sausage and green beans tossed with garlic tomatoes. Again, very simple and easy to grab and go in the morning. I think both times the cost has been nominal and the return has been great. As I cook I lay out my 4 or 5 containers and just dish everything out accordingly. Once they are cool, I pop the lid on and place by day in the fridge. This also allows for easy weighing on my food scale to make sure portions are right. 

Do you meal plan or prep for the week or life in general? How does it work for you? Do you batch cook and dish out or do you make something different every day? Share your tips! 

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