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Take the "dern" cupcake

Today I have a dear coworker leaving for a new position within the company. Next week I have another coworker retiring. There are birthdays and celebrations all the time. Also, I live in the south and almost everything is better with pie or cake. (Or rice krispie treats, I have dreams about them right now) 

Celebrating with food isn't what I want to do anymore. I've done well following the rules after weight loss surgery and watch my carb count most days like I need to. And lets be honest, I would LOVE to celebrate with food, but... that's kinda what this is all about right? I simply can't eat the emotions I once could. (Positive and Negative Emotions, I'm an equal opportunist) 

So, back to the coworker whose last day is today. Her supervisor brought all kinds of cookies, cupcakes, etc, in to celebrate and as I walked in from my errand break she excitedly brought me over and made a point of showing me her going away bounty. She encouraged me to take a treat and had already placed a napkin in my hand. What to do? 

There are several schools of thought. I've not hidden the fact that I've had surgery. I've not hidden the fact that my eating is limited and particular to say the least. But this isn't the time to remind her, or to offer to "go for a walk" in celebration instead. Instead I could just say, "thanks but I can't" and leave it at that and walk away... OR I could just go ahead a pick out a cookie and thank her for the generosity and later I either gift it to my husband, someone else, or toss it. (I don't throw away all the food, but sometimes you just need to toss the food. It's okay. the world won't implode because I wasted food.)

This works for me. I still get to celebrate and then I get to walk away and get rid of the temptation. I realize that this doesn't work for others. If the idea of giving away that cookie, cupcake, other generic sweet, is too much. If it's to easy to eat it and regret it and beat your self up for it later, don't do it. Decline. You do you. Know your triggers. 

What works for me right now is saying "Thank you", taking the cookie and enjoying the moment. I use to say Don't rain on everyone's parade, they will eventually change the route. Friends, good friend, close family, get it. They know they understand. Coworkers, it's not the time or place to educate everyone on your new lifestyle. It's not realistic to ask for all cakes and cookies, or food, or parties to be eliminated. And I WANT to celebrate with others. That's part of why I've made this change. I WANT to be around to see them and party. I'm the only one who needs to drink the water and abstain from the food, and I can do that for the event. 

It's a struggle, but it's worth it. 

150 pounds down worth it. (bam! do you like how I just casually throw that in?) 

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