Welcome, to my space. 

September.... what?!?!

Is it me or does it feel like I was just ringing in the new year with mimosa's and house cleaning? Or am I the only one that lamely celebrated 2015? I digress. Holy crap it's September already? Or holy crap it's September already! 

I'm going to try to look at it as the later. 

I always think about goals for the month, things I'm going to accomplish, what I'm going to do. And then at the end of the month I'm scrambling to validate how I spent my time when I didn't reach those goals... Maybe that's just me. 

So instead I bring you: Things I'm going to appreciate for September

Legging season and new boots - hopefully this year I'll be able to finally buy wide calf boots and wear the crap out of them. 

Tobacco firing in barns in Robertson County. There is something magical about that smell. And it pretty much means fall is on it's way and going to be perfect. 

My 1st Anniversary! Yep my better half and I will have been married a year on the 27th. 

Yoga and hopefully more of it. 

My slightly longer commute in the morning because I've become a little obsessed with listening to books on tape (cd now, but they will always be books on tape to me. I think they are called audio books at the library...) 


So what about you? What are you looking toward to appreciating more of this September? 


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