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201.6 in 2016 Part One

If you know me I have had a lifelong love / hate relationship with hiking. I grew up spending family vacations camping and many weekends on trails with my dad and sisters. Now I look at that time as an amazing upbringing... then, I just wanted to go to the mall.  Last year I discovered that I didn't hate it so much. It was actually kinda fun. And I was actually pretty decent at it. When I want to be. 

New years Eve I saw all these killer running/walking challenges of completing 2,016 miles this year. That's amazing and impressive and I wanted something to work towards this year that was a little more scale-able for me. 

Enter in this years personal challenge.  I want to hike 201.6 miles this year. That averages to a little more than 4 miles a week. There are a ton of great trails here in Middle Tennessee and of course the Smokies. I also have a little travel planned through the year and plan to try to log some trail time as I'm able. 

SO, want to hike with me? I mean Literally, HIKE WITH ME! I would love for you to come along for the ride. I plan to update on here and other various social medias. I'm going to start using the hashtag #danihikes2016 (not original but it works). If you're local, drop me a line or leave me a comment. Maybe we can plan a hike. If you're not local and we're in the same space occasionally, lets figure it out and make it work. 

I'm excited! Now to find some better shoes. 

Hiking total thus far, the talley

Taking up space