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Hiking total thus far, the talley

Griffith Observatory, my very  happy place

Griffith Observatory, my very  happy place

It's mid February and while I'm not mileage wise where I would like to be, I still feel like I'm doing pretty well in my quest to do more hiking this year. 

My tally of hikes and brief info: 

Cornelia Fort Airport 3 miles - we started at Wave Country in Nashville and walked to the old airport. We took a less traveled trail to get there and it was beautiful. Like a hidden gem in my city. 

Springfield Greenway 2 miles - I hung out with my super cool nieces and we decided to try the Greenway in Springfield. This is a great place to take family and strollers. It's paved the whole way and follows the river for a little bit. 

Wouldn't you want to hike with these sweet girls?

Wouldn't you want to hike with these sweet girls?

Snow Hiking 2 miles Nashville was dumped about 8+ inches of snow. My husband and I went out and hiked to see what all was going on. Maybe not a trail, but it was a workout. It was also magical and quiet. I was freezing by the end, but 100% worth it. 

Los Angeles Trip 1 mile I had grand designs on hiking to the Hollywood sign. That didn't happen. But I have to say, this was an epic time anyway. We did Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Griffith Observatory. The Observatory was epic for me. It was a beautifully clear day in LA and you could see for miles. This was moment where I couldn't believe I get to live this life of mine. 

Nashville Urban Hike 3 miles The husband and I started out at my office and walked downtown, we had dinner midway and then walked across our pedestrian bridge that drops off at Nissan Stadium. There we walked around and made the way back to our cars. It was eerie to see the stadium so quiet. 

Total 11 miles

Left to hike 190.6 miles


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