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The Evils of Food

In this circle you will find all the evil food of the world. For real. 

In this circle you will find all the evil food of the world. For real. 

I brought in bagels for my office a few weeks ago. I brought cupcakes in for an employee’s birthday last week. I’m debating buying pizza for my staff Monday for a successful end of the month. 

And you know what? I will do it again for the next birthday, or the next big project, or the next Monday. Because Food isn’t evil. It isn’t bad, it’s amoral and just is.

When I brought in said bagels, a co-worker looked at me and said “you are so bad” when I offered her one. She’s trying to lose weight this year and I guess she felt that I was trying to knock her off the wagon. I wasn’t, and honestly, I had half a bagel and it was freakin delish. Food is how 99% of how my world and circles celebrate. I'm not going to change that culture overnight and I'm not expecting to. 

Food is hard. I 120% get it. I have a thing for popcorn, I think it’s serious. I’m expecting a ring any day. But popcorn isn’t evil. When I eat it every day it’ doesn’t help me reach my goals. Nor do I feel as nourished as I would had I chosen other things. 

Food isn’t the enemy. Because if it is, you will always lose.

I’ve never been a food police. I think that’s why I’m hesitant to post things I eat or drink on social media a lot. There are a lot of food police out there. Food Police - People who know better about the food you eat than you do. Experts in every area of your life and aren't afraid to share. 

Food is a necessity. I wish it wasn’t sometimes, but you kinda have to eat.

Don’t make it the bad guy, appreciate it for what it provides you. Nourishment. 

Now, I will say I have a history of binge eating. I haven't in a long time, and for that I'm proud, grateful, nervous, etc. Because it's scary. If you have trigger foods or situations, that's a whole different ball of wax. There are so many good support systems out there. Reach out, please. 

Do you have a food that you consider bad? Of course outside the normal of gmo's, trans fats, gluten, etc. We all know there are debates of bad and good foods as far as natural, organic, processed, etc. But do you consider something like cereal, bad food?  

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