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Hiking 101: What not to do

Hiking 101: What not to do

Sunday I decided to pilot a new program. I think I’ll call it how not to hike.

I started my experiment with telling my husband I was going out to get breakfast and instead went and found a trail, so you know… I didn’t tell my person where I was or when I would return. (He works nights and was going to sleep for the day.)

On the way there I realized I wasn’t 100% sure of the location so I just kinda poked around until I found the right place.


Once I parked I hid my wallet in the car instead of my pack. And then I started my hike without bug spray or sunblock or water.

I hiked in random jeans and not boots or stable shoes.

Here’s what could be done instead.

Always let someone know where you are. Once I realized where I was going I did call my dad both before and after. Always check in with someone. Solo or group hiking. Let someone know where you are.

Keep supplies handy: I usually keep my pack in the trunk for random hikes, it contains sunblock, bug spray, some snacks, and a first aid kit. Then I’m ready to go hiking when I can get a few moments.


I always hike with a pack for several reasons. I have a wonky back and for some reason it helps. Also, women's clothing is notoriously made without pockets. Using a pack means you aren’t hiding keys and wallets in your car or trying to tuck them into your bra or around a waist band.  A few years ago my sister's car was broken into while she was hiking. I can’t keep a break in from happening, but if it does, I don’t have to worry about someone finding my hide a key or having to replace my wallet.

I also keep a pair of boots and socks in my trunk.

And water, I usually have a bottle on me. I was just ill prepared.

Side note, the bug spray would have been very welcomed. I had a buzzy thing dive bombing me the last ¼ of a mile… it was weird. And the trail I was on is pretty unknown, so I got the privilege of knocking down all the spider webs.

Hiking, always awesome, even more so when you’re prepared.


Disclaimer: this was not smart. I could have tripped and sprained my ankle, or taken a wrong turn or done a multitude of accidental things. Luckily I didn’t and this was a short trail. But being prepared makes the experience way more fun and all that stuff.

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